Introducing Interplay (Album CD)

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Introducing Interplay is the band’s first offering on CD, released on Silvery Records. The sounds on the album reflect the band’s development on the road, shaped by experimenting, taking risks and putting the audience at the centre of everything it does.

The album features some of the band’s best-loved tracks, and a couple of our favourites from among the great jazz composers.

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Grey Day at Gorey 7:40
Faces and Places 6:55′
Hang Around featuring Andra Sparks 8:49
Island 4:52
Ode to Duke featuring Andra Sparks 6:07
Boogie Stop Shuffle 6:12 (Charles Mingus)
Rising on Thermals 6:48
After You Stu 5:35
Step Lightly 6:58 (Benny Golson)
The Shuffle 6:36

All tunes and lyrics are by Adrian Litvinoff except where stated. Playing time approximately 67 minutes.

1 review for Introducing Interplay (Album CD)

  1. Adrian Litvinoff

    Tony Augarde – Jazz CD Reviews

    Litvinoff leads the group with strong double bass. Adrian wrote all but two of the tunes on this debut CD, and they are all melodious and memorable….the arrangements are warm and imaginative.

    There is a wide range of styles – from the funkiness of Island via the dreamy buoyancy of Rising on Thermals to the African influence in The Shuffle.

    And there are some good solos, especially from the very talented saxophonist Alan Wakeman. Alan supplies some smart soprano sax on Hang Around and he states the theme of Rising on Thermals with feeling. But then he has played for Graham Collier, John Dankworth and Don Rendell. Trombonist Richard Baker also makes some worthwhile contributions, having graduated from classical music to jazz. The rhythm section fulfils its role confidently, with agreeable solos from all three members.

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