‘Musical Exchanges’ is Under Way

Posted by on Aug 5, 2022

Our collaboration with In The Moment, ‘Musical Exchanges’, is under way.

We are exploring links between Jazz and several other cultural traditions from South Africa, Jamaica and North India.  This ties in with the Commonwealth Games currently in progress.

‘Jazz Meets Dancehall’, (August 6th) features Annie Whitehead, trombone, and Byron Wallen trumpet, a late substitute for COVID-struck Claude Deppa.  The set will feature South African tunes and Jamaican classics in the Ska and Reggae traditions, all with an Interplay twist.

‘Indian Jazz Fusion’ (August 10th) will feature Kathak  (Classical Indian) singer and dancer Awantika Dubey in a programme of cross-fertilisation between the traditional virtuosic and sacred Indian material and Interplay’s rhythmically flexible approach to Jazz.

The approach is well summed up in the Leamington Courier and tickets are on sale now! Hit these links for tickets

‘Jazz Meets Dancehall’

‘Indian Jazz Fusion’

And to have a go yourself, why not join our Music Improvisation workshop with Alan Wakeman and Adrian Litvinoff, or try the Bollywood Dance Taster with Awantika Dubey and Dave Balen?  No experience necessary and fun guaranteed!