New Jazz Conceptions: History, Theory, Practice

Posted by on May 14, 2014

‘New Jazz Conceptions: History, Theory, Practice’ is the theme of a one day open conference at Warwick University Humanities Research Centre on Saturday 31st May. The brainchild of Roger Fagge and Nicholas Pillai, both lecturers at Warwick, the event reflects a move to place jazz more centrally within the cultural curriculum of the University. Arguably jazz is one of North America’s greatest contributions to global culture arising in the 20th Century, and by now we are familiar with its many offshoots and manifestations emanating from almost every continent. This one-day conference will bring together Warwick, Midlands and National speakers to discuss current research in jazz, share ideas about methodologies for future study, and explore the link between academics and the practice of jazz in the wider community. Speakers: Tony Whyton, Catherine Tackley, Andrew Hodgetts, Roger Magraw, Katherine Williams, Adrian Litvinoff, Simon Barber and Vic Hobson (National Jazz Archive) The Conference is open to everyone including musicians, promoters, jazz activists and enthusiasts, and booking is now open. For further details and to book your place just visit the conference page. Let’s...

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