Released 2013

Interplay Global
01 Contemplation 6:19
02 Amor Verdadero 5:49
03 Autumn Magic 7:05
04 Fashion Statement 6:02
05 Elders 5:56
06 Weightless 6:12
07 Su Baille Nuevo 7:15
08 Swift Return 4:49
09 Slow Flame 8:52
10 Shapeshift 3:55
11 Imam 5:50
12Hermitage 5:56
Interplay’s new album shows how the band has developed since its origins in 2007/8. It captures the band’s dynamic live sound and demonstrates some of the worldwide musical influences which have helped to inspire its members – hence the title. And this album is more than a world music melange. It is driven by the deep urge to improvise that makes jazz unique and has also enabled it to inspire new approaches within many other musical genres. Hear all about it – on ‘Global’ !
Read reviews of ‘Global’ by Adrian Pallant and Euan Dixon at Jazz Views. Visit our shop to grab a CD or download, or head over to Spotify for full track streaming (search on Global Interplay).

Introducing Interplay

Released 2010

Introducing Interplay Album Cover
01 Grey Day at Gorey 7:40
02 Faces and Places 6:55
03 Hang Around featuring Andra Spark 8:49
04 Island 4:52
05 Ode to Duke featuring Andra Spark 6:07
06 Boogie Stop Shuffle 6:12 (Charles Mingus)
07 Rising on Thermals 6:48
08 After You Stu 5:35
09 Step Lightly 6:58 (Benny Golson)
10 The Shuffle 6:36
Introducing Interplay is the band’s first offering on CD, released on Silvery Records. The sounds on the album reflect the band’s development on the road, shaped by experimenting, taking risks and putting the audience at the centre of everything it does.
The album features some of the band’s best-loved tracks, and a couple of covers from among the great jazz composers.
All tunes and lyrics are by Adrian Litvinoff except where stated. Playing time approximately 67 minutes.
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