Interplay celebrates International Jazz Day – a moment to savour!

Posted by on May 1, 2015

Interplay celebrates International Jazz Day – a moment to savour!

Interplay’s gig with South African trumpet star Claude Deppa was everything that the event organisers, In The Moment, hoped it would be: well attended, well appreciated and highly enjoyable! The genteel setting of the Leamington Pump Rooms proved no obstacle to engaging the audience in music that appealed to the body and emotions in equal measure. Over 140 people turned up to share in the Leamington celebration of UNESCO’s fourth International Jazz Day, founded by Herbie Hancock in his role as UNESCO Ambassador for Intercultural Relations.

Three Way Split

Three Way Split began the evening with their fresh arrangements and original treatments. Their deployment of saxophone (Ian Hill), bass (Wayne Matthews) and drums (David Anderson) was both relaxed and inventive, giving each player space to stretch, while the ensemble passages were attractive and simply stated. Ian’s light, expressive singing on their re-interpretation of ‘All Blues’ was a bonus, and the audience responded with real warmth to their set.

Interplay and Claude Deppa

Claude Deppa hit the ground running on Interplay’s opener ‘Spanish Step’, to the crowd’s audible delight. The whole band reacted to his presence with energy and creativity that produced some very special moments.  There were many inspired individual solos, with Richard Baker in exceptional form, Neil Hunter as inventive as ever and Alan Wakeman ranging from sublime to steaming.

However it was often the group improvisation that took things to a different level, from the hi-octane good times of ‘No Trouble’ to the reflective ‘Live Our Life’. Claude’s duet with Dave Balen on tabla on ‘Weightless’ was also especially memorable. Several of the tunes, which were all by Adrian Litvinoff, were being played for the first time and this may have added an extra edge to the band’s performance.


The finalé was truly celebratory as Three Way Split returned to the stage. David Anderson took his place at the congas next to Dave Balen’s drums, Wayne Matthews joined Adrian Litvinoff on electric basses and Ian Hill extended the front line. The resulting performance of ‘The Shuffle’ featured exhilarating group playing from the horns, tasty duets from the percussionists and bassists and a harmonically adventurous solo keyboard excursion, before the horns returned and the band tore the place apart.

It was a truly fitting end to this ‘Momentous’ event in recognition of International Jazz Day 2015, and surely raises the hope that In The Moment will return with further events in the not-too-distant future.

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  1. We had an astonishingly good time at the concert reviewed above. Every compliment is so well deserved and the audience couldn’t have had a better time.
    Thanks to all for a wonderful evening.

  2. Thanks so much Susan. It’s brilliant that you and Lyndon could join us all the way from Cardiff! Hope to see you on the next one…

  3. Thelonious Monk Institute, International Jazz Day brings jazz artists from around the globe together annually on April 30 to celebrate the power of jazz as a creative and cultural force. A certain utopian ideal surrounding the event led participating musicians and organizers to make such pronouncements as “jazz has the power to move mankind forward in a world” and even espouse its harmonious ability to resolve global conflict that felt refreshing, if sometimes hyperbolic, in a world that grows increasingly fractured.

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