Jazz Meets Dancehall – Great Review!

Posted by on Sep 2, 2022

Our event ‘Jazz Meets Dancehall’ on August 6th was a really roller-coaster!  Just two days earlier Claude Deppa had phoned with the dreaded news that he had Covid.  What’s to be done?

After a frantic day of ringing round we were extremely fortunate that none other than Byron Wallen was free and ready to step into the breach! ‘Free’, yes, but teaching on a summer-school in Cardiff right up to the end of Friday.  Heroically he trained it up to London just in time to connect with our other guest Annie Whitehead and make it to the venue on time!

It was worth it anyway because Byron took to the programme beautifully and the whole thing went really well.  You can see how well from the following review in the Leamington Courier by their esteemed veteran music critic Clive Peacock.

Thanks to In The Moment for helping to organise and Warwick Town Council for financial support.

Review of 'Jazz Meets Dancehall' in leamington Courier 12-8-22

Dazzling night of jazz gets the crowd jumping