Interplay back in the land of the gigging!

Posted by on Mar 8, 2012

Interplay on stageIt’s almost four months since Interplay last played to a real live audience! Sign of the times I guess, with gigs becoming noticeably scarcer all around. So it is with real pleasure as well as a certain amount of relief that we announce our first appearance of 2012, next Wednesday March 14th in Leamington Spa for Leam Jazz.

Besides affording us the pleasure of playing for its own sake I take a special pride in this particular gig as indirectly I can claim some responsibility for Leam Jazz getting started.  The moving spirits, Stewart Duthie and John Hodgetts, originally met as members of my Jazz Workshop in 2008.

Since then they have arranged vacation sessions for workshop participants, organised public jam sessions and, ably assisted by audio wiz Rob Sargent, presented some exciting and enjoyable jazz gigs over the last two years.  Interplay was actually the first band Leam Jazz put on, back in May 2010, and it’s a true credit to them and their supporters that they are still at it two years later.

So come along to Leamington Rugby Club, Kenilworth Road Leamington CV32 6RG on Wednesday 14th March.  Tickets are only £6 and there is excellent beer to be found at club prices.